Plymouth Cat Rescue

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Tel: 07597618300

Mission Statement

Here is a brief outline of what our aims are and what we do as a Cat Rescue:


Cats/kittens come into our care for a number of different reasons from cats abandoned becoming a stray, relationship break-ups, moving home or abroad. Or the death of the owner. And even a new baby. We will always try and take the cats/kittens into our care, but if our Rescue is full, we  give out contact numbers of other animal welfare charities to see if they can help.


The Care

Every Cat/kitten that comes to Plymouth Cat Rescue will be cared for until such times we can re-home them. All animals will be thoroughly examined by our vets and treated where necessary. And will stay with us until they are well enough to be re-homed.

We have a non destruction policy, except on good veterinary advice.



We are working towards neutering all cats and kittens in our care before they are re-homed, until then  all our un-neutered kittens  are re-homed with a neutering contract this will help to reduce the large number of unwanted cats in the Plymouth / South West area.



We take particular care when re-homing our cats by carrying out a home visit first, checking that every cat is passed to a suitable and appropriate home. This is to ensure that the cat / kitten will be cared for and be happy bearing in mind their past history. Once a cat has been re-homed our work does not finish there ....

we offer a lifetime commitment to you and your cat..



All cat/kittens that come into our care will be micro chipped  All we ask is the new owners to advise of any change of address should they move home. The reason for this is if the cat/kitten goes missing they could be returned back to the Rescue. We then make sure the cat is re-united with its owner.


Adoption donation

We do not charge a fee for  our cats and kittens instead we ask for a minimum  donation of £85 for kittens and £70  for adults to be made towards the rescues running costs.


Our mission here at Plymouth Cat Rescue is to help lost, unwanted, neglected, or abused Cats find loving homes. To achieve this mission, we will provide affirmative care in a no-kill environment until these animals can be reunited with their owners or re-homed with another family / owner.



We will endeavor to prevent cruelty to all animals through comprehensive community education and advocacy.

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