Plymouth Cat Rescue

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Cats can live for around 15yrs , some for alot longer so before contacting us please ask yourself a few simple questions.


Can i financially afford to be owned by a cat?

Not just now but later on, can you cover emergency treament costs or afford insurance to protect your pet and pocket from any unforseen emergencies that may happen.


Can i emotionally invest in a cat?

While cats are very independant creatures, they do also love there cuddles,lap time and 1-1 with there humans, this is especially important for kittens as like human babies they need investing in to ensure they are happy and healthy.


Is my working life viable for a kitten?

Kittens need stimulation, companionship and lots of cuddles. If you work 8-12hrs a day it is not advisable to get a kitten as they need interaction on a regular basis. Like any new baby they need constant care, you wouldnt leave a 8 or 12 week old human baby alone for 12hrs a day and expect it to be ok would you?


Am i ready for a cat?

If you plan to move around alot, travel abroad or any other activity that will mean you are away for extended periods of time then its probably not the best time to adopt a cat

We are here to help


Yes our main goal and focus is to rescue and rehome cats and kittens but part of that process is educating the local community on animal welfare.


No question is a stupid question.


We are happy to help with any queries you may have about cats and kittens regardless of if you have adopted from us or not.


If you would like to adopt but are unsure of how to proceed, if you would like further info or if you have questions about if you would be suitable or even if you have adopted from elsewhere and are having difficulties helping your cat adjust and need a bit of support.


We dont have every answer, we dont know all the secrets but we do promise to help as much as we can where ever we can as a happy cat = a happy owner and if we can help owners understand their kittys then its far more likely the cat will stay insitu and not require a rescue space.


And for those times when nothing works or circumstances are against you we will try to accomodate your requests and offer space for a cat if we can.

Is it the right time?